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ACT is here to help!

Good mental health is essential for the well being individuals of all ages. Modern life can provide a variety of stresses that can have a negative impact on people. Problems can arise at any stage and our therapists can assist with helping you and your family with mental health and substance abuse.

Contact our office today in Lincoln, NE. We can help you and your loved ones resolve your mental health and substance use issues in a caring, compassionate, confidential manner.



We offer professional assistance services on the following:


Domestic Violence Intervention

If you are experiencing any of the above personal or relationship problems, and want to enlist the assistance of professional mental health and substance use disorder counselors, click any of the icons above to visit our services section or click below to contact us now. 


About Us.

Associates in Counseling & Treatment provides specialized counseling services for individuals and families in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding counties. When you or someone you knows begins substance use, gambling addiction, mental health counseling or anger management classes you begin your journey toward a better future. We will help you find effective ways to resolve personal issues, develop coping strategies and problem-solving skills, and to help you be able to see the world in a new and brighter light.


Safety and comfort

Associates in Counseling & Treatment provides a confidential, safe and supportive environment. All employees are thoroughly screened for suitability to ensure we can attend to your needs in the most understanding and efficient manner possible. We take care in creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in our waiting area, for everyone so you will always feel at ease. We strive to provide trauma informed care.

Professional care

Our counselors and support staff are trained to make your experience at Associates in Counseling & Treatment as comfortable and productive as possible. We understand that entering into counseling takes great courage and we applaud you for taking a step toward a better future. You will always find compassion, empathy and understanding at our facilities, while also feeling safe and comfortable with us.


Confidentiality and privacy

Associates in Counseling & Treatment’s employees are bound by HIPAA agreements to reinforce their personal commitment to ensuring the utmost respect for your privacy. When you rely on us for counseling services in Lincoln, you’re relying on the discretion of true professionals.

We provide services under the following programs:

  • We accept most major insurance companies and Medicaid

  • Private Pay options are available

  • Registered Providers with State Probation/Parole Administration

  • Low Income funding available for Evaluations, Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Mental Health services for Southeast Nebraska residents

  • ACT offers a Domestic Violence Intervention Program for men, 30-week and 36-week classes, based on the Duluth Model and approved by the Domestic Violence Coalition 

  • ACT offers a Domestic Violence Intervention Program for women, 24-week and 30-week classes, based on the Turning Point Model 

  • Funding available for gambling services through the Nebraska Coalition on Problem Gambling


Associates in Counseling & Treatment offers licensed, certified, highly qualified and experienced professionals in their areas of expertise.


We specialize in helping you resolve substance use, mental health and co-occurring diagnosis problems. Our counselors in Lincoln are dedicated to providing effective, confidential, and compassionate therapy. 

Fill in the form here to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or, call us at the number below. 

PHONE: 402-261-6667

FAX: 402-261-6526


Thank You For Contacting Us!

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